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Admin Module

manage the whole system and make changes. also Managing other accounts, Managing Teachers, Students, Guardian, etc

Student Info

Student Admission, Online Admission, Student List, Student Attendance, Promote, Reports, etc


Uploading Content, Material, Assignment, Syllabus Downloads , student mark submission and many more.

Human Resource

Staff (Directory, Attendance, Reports) Payroll Designation Department and more.


Class Routine, Subjective assign, Teacher assign, Manage Subject, Sections and etc.


Class reports, student’s reports, Progress card, Attendant reports and many more.

Bulk Print

Id card printing, student certificate, payroll bulk print, fees invoice bulk print, fees invoice bulk printing settings etc

Fees Collection

Bank payment, Fees Master Collect ,Fees Due fees, searches , print voucher, send fee reminder and many more


Notice Manage (Holiday, Events, etc) Massaging, Emailing Reports, and More

Your school in your finger tips anytime any where

Timihirt Bete School management system is cloud based solution along with mobile platform, providing a completely automated experience with all backend administrations and data management activities of institution.

Timihirt bete also has an organized mechanism for storing all these relevant data.

How does the Timihirt bete School Management software work?

Our School ERP solution streamlines admission and academic activities by eliminating paper works and manual processes. It efficiently manages tasks like scheduling meetings, evaluating assignments, and monitoring attendance. Our online management software maximizes efficiency, saves costs, and fosters student-teacher-parent relationships. Enjoy a smart and seamless School Management System with our immersive technology.

Our Smart Benefits

Join the digital revolution in education

Experience the power of automation with our Smart School Management System. From grading to report generation, our system takes care of it all, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most – educating students

Easy to Use

There is no need for prior knowledge to get started with our smart school ERP system as the system is quite easy to use.

Secured Backup

Timihirt bete ERP software stores backup securely to protect data from accidental data loss, corruption, and unauthorized access.

Dedicated Support

Our team is working day and night to support you in every possible scenario. we also provide documentation

Our team members

Our team members
who are passionate.

Solomon zefine

CEO & Founder

Efream Asela

Backend developer

Kalewold Birhan


Selam Alemu

Marketing & sales
Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

Timihirt bete is a cloud-based school management software solution designed to help schools manage and streamline various administrative tasks such as student enrollment, attendance, scheduling, grading, and communication
Our Timihirt Bete school management syste offers features such as student enrollment and registration, attendance tracking, gradebook management, scheduling and timetable creation, communication tools, report generation, and data analytics and many more. please refer features section for more.
Our school management system pricing varies based on the size and needs of your school. Please contact us for a quote.
Yes, we offer training and support to help schools effectively use our software. Our team provides comprehensive training sessions and ongoing support to ensure that schools can make the most of our software.
Yes, we offer a free trial period for schools to test out our software before purchasing it.
The process for implementing our school management SaaS in your school involves a consultation with our team to determine your specific needs and goals. We will then work with you to customize the software and provide training to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
Our Timihirt Bete system is highly secure and uses advanced encryption protocols to protect sensitive data. We also regularly conduct security audits and updates to ensure maximum protection against potential threats.
We follow industry-standard data backup and disaster recovery procedures to ensure the safety and security of your data. Our platform is hosted on secure servers with regular backups and redundancy measures in place. In case of any data loss or disaster, we have a recovery plan in place to restore the data as quickly as possible.

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Basic 4000
  • Webapp
  • All Features
  • Native mobile app
  • bus tracking app
  • In school Social Networking app
Standard 6000
  • Webapp
  • All Features
  • Native mobile app
  • bus tracking app
  • In school Social Networking app
Premium 15k
  • Webapp
  • All features
  • Native mobile app
  • Bus tracking app
  • In school social networking app